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Alif Group is being run by personalities who have outstanding academic credentials and are the leading authorities in their respective fields. They are also recognized experts on global business & Management issues. Primary determinant of their long-term performance is in understanding the ever-Changing markets and creating customer value.



       • To act as front-end to our clients to serve them in every need.

       • To uphold our client’s satisfaction at any cost.

       • To strive for the up gradation of the technology and quality services.

       • To meet our Client’s requirements in ever changing market.

       • To Preserve the quality of work at “first time, every time”.

       • No last mile problem




Alif Group have the combined mission to be the most secure, reliable, and efficient channel for companies to source mainly Water Treatment Chemicals and various other chemicals used in various Industries globally.


Alif Group prides itself on its strategic and direct relationships with some of the world’s key suppliers of crude oil and related fuels. Our competitive advantage is we undertake, execute, and accomplish business agreements when we are able to deliver with certainty and on a timely basis. This ensures that Alif Group remains world class suppliers.

The company is committed to providing substantial long-term supply by accomplishing two complementary goals:

       ท Reducing the financial risk by selecting the appropriate supply channels.

       ท Maximizing the success of the deals by offering competitive pricing and incentives.




Alif Group adds value by expediting the process with Manufacturers and suppliers providing favourable financial terms to expedite the shipments timely and securely.



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